Robert G

Quality Products

Steve Primo provides quality products, training and service, not marketing hyperbole, you can trust him. Money spent on his programs will be money well spent.


Trading Strategies

I have learnt a lot and improved my trading through my association with Pro Trader Strategies. I will recommend your company to friends because I trust your product.


Strategy 4

I use Pro Trader Strategies and I think they have good strategies. I currently use Strategy 4 (Steven Primo's Momentum Pullback Trading Strategy #4) which works well. They have other strategies to suit all trading styles.

Phiillip M

Getting Great Results

I have studied with several excellent teachers. I consider Steve Primo to be one of the best. The information he taught me has been extremely helpful and monetarily rewarding. I recommend him and his strategies/teachings to people/traders on a regular basis.


Customer Service

Awesome strategies, excellent customer service.


Hi Steve, As mentioned to you previously, I’ve been involved in the markets for seven years now having paid thousands of dollars for trading education that provided minimal results. After purchasing your Strategy #4 (Steven Primo's Momentum Pullback Trading Strategy #4) and PETD last October, I can attest to the fact that the Dynamic Duo generates signals with a high level of consistency. This is great news for the trader that didn’t have the confidence or the discipline to pull the trigger! Please feel free to use the above trade in a testimonial if you wish. We need to get your wealth of knowledge to all of your potential trading students out there!